I'm a dreamer. I'm a believer.

Most importantly, I'm a crazy cat lady. Ah, just kidding, but I certainly do love my kitties.
I also love people just as much, though - especially including my family and friends, who all have been graciously letting me use them as test subjects for my photography journey since I picked up my first camera in 2006.

My first camera was a little, point-and-shoot Canon that faithfully got me through my first couple years of exploring the world of photography - and making me fall in love with it.

My photography style leans towards the candidness and natural feelings that develop within a moment.
I strive to capture the true essence of a moment, whether it be joyful, raw, anxious, etc.
Raw, beautiful emotion is what I live for.

I have come to realize that photography is such an important part of life. Moment are too precious, and our lives go by so fast sometimes, we often forget to soak in a moment long enough to truly experience it. That's where the photograph comes in handy. Having the opportunity to look back at a photo, a memory, and have those emotions and feelings come back to you is something extra special.

I try to keep that  in mind every time I click that camera button.

Creating a lifelong memory is the kind of beauty I like to share.